[FS] xQuiz – Knowledge Contest


Hello everyone,

xQuiz is a knowledge contest. It’s just like a mini-game. You can create a contest with your own questions.


  • After adding min. 10 questions, admin can start the contest.
  • Players can join the contest by typing /joinquiz in 30 seconds.
  • Up to 20 players can participate in the contest.
  • Players who mark the wrong question, quit the game, or do not make a choice within 30 seconds will be out of the contest.
  • Players can leave the contest by typing /leavequiz.
  • Players who answer all questions correctly or stand last will win the contest.
  • Minimum 2 players can participate.
  • The prize is given by the formula “number of correctly answered questions * number of players participating in the game * PRIZE_MULTIPLIER”.
  • You can save your questions to MySQL if you want. You can set that option on the top of the script.



(Video is taken with the Turkish version of the script. But you can figure out how it works.)



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